Here are some articles and information that are relevant, interesting and thought provoking. I do not endorse the beliefs/thoughts/views of any of these articles...they are just for your personal reading.

Chores that Build Vocational Skills (awesome breakdown of how a simple household chore can touch so many academic areas!)

Huffington Post "Education Section" (lots of articles on various aspects of education)

Technology: Good or Bad? (article dealing with how technology doesn't replace the teacher)

Teach the World Assignment (one of my former students, changing the world!)

Never Stop Learning (91-year-old attends to 5th grade!!!)

Common Core and Testing (interesting take on Common Core and standardized testing)

1st Grade Dropout Revisited (this piggybacks off of the article linked below)

Dropout Indicators Found for 1st Graders (not a Georgia study but VERY interesting that this can be assessed this early!)

Reading Can Raise IQ Points (great incentive for nightly reading!)