Here are some websites we use in the classroom and some that are just fun to visit!

username: student number
password: student
school: Marietta

username: student number
password: student
teacher ID: jwalter18

AWESOME app that increase the value of certain BoxTops!!

Free account
site we are using for Digital Citizenship lessons

www.mobymax.com (Personalized Learning site for all areas. It gives a "diagnostic exam" the first time, places them at their "level" and then works them up from there.)
username: student number
password: student

Parent Toolkit (GREAT resources on how you can reinforce the standards and learning at home)

Handwriting Practice Worksheet Creator (AMAZING resource to create worksheets for handwriting practice!)

www.goanimate.com (fun site to create short, animated videos)
username: mrjwalter@ymail.com
password: 123456

www.prezi.com (fun, online presentation website)
user ID: walterjd@fultonschools.org
password: 123456

Reading Skills (EXCELLENT site to practice tons of reading skills! Login in required but it's Free!)

Online Comic Book Creator (create your own comics!)

www.storylineonline.net (favorite kids books read by famous actors!)

user ID: roswelln
password: books

Animal Research Site (we have been using this in the classroom to help gather info. about animals.)

www.scootpad.com (Common Core practice for Reading and Math)
You will need your login that was sent home the first week of school.

www.seussville.com (the wacky world of Dr. Seuss online)

www.sembeo.com/media/Matrix.swf (fun site to show pitch)

www.abcya.com (games for various grade levels)

www.funbrain.com (educational games)

www.pbskids.org (educational games)

www.wegivebooks.org (Read popular children's books online for FREE!)
user ID: mrjwalter
password: 123456

www.freerice.com (For every question answered correctly, this site donates 10 grains of rice to a person in need!!!)
user ID: mrj walter (there is a space between "mrj" and "walter")
password: walter
*can sign up and join my "team" or just play using my login

www.glogster.com (Create posters/webpages)

www.animoto.com (Make online presentations with pictures and text all set to music)
user ID: mrjwalter@ymail.com
password: 123456
Use this code for a free 6 month trial of your own! a4ewalt52f4e4

www.xtranormal.com (Make funny videos choosing your own characters, settings and voices)
user ID: mrjwalter
password: 123456
*There are a few characters that parents may consider risque (girls in bathing suits/guys with no shirt)

www.teachertube.com (like YouTube but filtered for educational, "kid-friendly" videos)

www.scholastic.com (order books online. No shipping or tax!)
activation code: J22RN (Mr. Walter)
*you will need to sign up for a user ID and password but when you enter the activation code it allows me to get free books for the class!

www.voki.com (this is where I made the bear that is on the homepage)
user ID: mrjwalter@ymail.com
password: 123456
*This is similar to xtranormal.com but with more kid friendly avitar options